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“I was trimming a holly bush in my yard in Venice, FL, when I felt a burning sensation on my arm. When I rolled up my sleeve, I found an ant biting me. I remember getting Stops the Sting which I had heard so much about. Not believing it would do everything I was told, I put a small amount on my arm. To my amazement, the pain stopped instantly. Thank you so much for your product. Now, I am a believer and will not be caught without my Stops the Sting, and I highly recommend that everyone keeps a jar handy.”

B. Skaggs

Venice, FL

Andy Wise WREG

Our skin soothing ointment is specifically designed to STOP pain, itching and swelling from the stings and bites of Fire Ants, Wasps, Bees, Hornets, Mosquitoes and Jellyfish.