Stops the Sting: Bee Sting Treatment

I would like to give my testimony of what God and Stops The Sting have done for me. A year ago, when moving to South Carolina I was unaware of the dangers of bug bites. I had gotten bitten, and was rushed to the hospital by ambulance and was saved by the paramedics on the way. After living in constant fear since then and even having my Epi Pen, going outside only when necessary was my way of life.

Recently going into our hardware store here in Pageland I saw the display of Stops The Sting. After purchasing one, I soon learned of the God sent in that small tube. My husband and I have used it on each and every bite and the relief is unbelievable. Last Friday I was bitten by the same type of bug, and a year later I did not panic this time. I simply went and got my tube of Stops The Sting and took the Benadryl and this time there was no ambulance ride to the hospital. It took away the pain and swelling. Thank you makers of Stops The Sting, God has blessed us through you with this product. My husband does not have allergic reactions to bites but we would not be without this product in our home, vehicle or my purse. The relief it brings is so awesome.

E. Miller

Pageland, SC

If you are reading this right now you need to realize the seriousness of this product. I have the most extreme case of anaphylactic shock when getting stung by venomous insects. I have no swelling at the site of the sting, nor is there any indication of a sting. My blood thickens to the point that my heart cannot pump it. My extremities curl up as if I’ve been in a coma for months. To date this has happened five times to me. I have to carry an epi pen, a nebulizer, (I do not have asthma), and an oral prescription to help counter act the reaction.

When I learned of “Stops the Sting” I was very apprehensive, yet had to try something, for my condition is extremely life threatening. I spoke with the owner by phone who told me about the product and for the price I thought I would try it. Any help to keep me alive is worth the entirely too little I would spend.

When it arrived at the post office, I was stung by a wasp twice in my forearm. (a bad omen) I immediately applied the product, my wife drove us home, in record speed I must add, she has seen the reaction I get. I waited as usual for the reaction to take place, which usually makes me doubt my survival. There was a flash of redness throughout my body that lasted for moments. NO REACTION FOLLOWED!!!!!

I want anyone who doubts this story to feel free to contact me. If Stops the Sting can help me I am sure it can do wonders for individuals with much less severe reactions to stings.

Feel free to also contact my wife who has been bitten by fire ants, mosquitoes, and yes bees, her first action taken since we start using stop the sting is to pull it out of her purse or my pocket and use it. This stuff truly works.

Dr. Paul Krolick

I was trimming a holly bush in my yard in Venice, FL, when I felt a burning sensation on my arm. When I rolled up my sleeve, I found an ant biting me. I remember getting Stops the Sting which I had heard so much about. Not believing it would do everything I was told, I put a small amount on my arm. To my amazement, the pain stopped instantly.

Thank you so much for your product. Now, I am a believer and will not be caught without my Stops the Sting, and I highly recommend that everyone keeps a jar handy.

B. Skaggs

Venice, FL

I just wanted to tell your company how great your product is. I was recently in Tennesse visiting family and friends. One friend I visited while there is John Brown. Luckily he had some extra of Stops the Sting product that your company came up with. He gave me a couple of containers of the product and of course I put them away in the car while there. Once I left, I made my way back to my home state, fire ant capitol(in my opinion), Texas!!! I was here about 2 days and was out in the driveway talking with a neighbor barefoot. Usually I don’t go anywhere near the yard with bare feet. Of course I wasn’t thinking and stepped into the yard literally two steps. Next thing I know one of my feet was on FIRE!!!!!

Let me tell you, I don’t know if you’re familiar with this type of bite, I have been stung by many types of insects and none of them compare to these little ants. If you happen to step on a hill, usually they swarm so quickly that you just don’t get one bite, you get several. Instantly I remembered about the product that was given to me back in Tennessee. I actually forgot where I put it so I am walking around trying to remember where I put it. Finally after about 5 minutes of stinging, and the intensity doesn’t stop, I found your product and put some on my bites. It did alleviate the pain instantly. Also, the other thing about these bites is the swelling. Usually you get a big blisters from the bites. This time around I didn’t get the blisters this time!!!!! This is a great second benefit of your product.

I think your product is excellent and you should do aggressive marketing down here. I think it would sell very well down here. Everybody here needs a container of your product. I am telling you, you would be able to make a sizeable profit just from this state alone!!!! Grateful for your product.

J. Oliver

Round Rock, TX